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Chardon Township Road Department

9949 Mentor Road
Chardon, Ohio 44024

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Zackary Sipan, Road Superintendent

Cell Phone: (440) 226-4204
Office Phone and Fax: (440) 285-9002

The Chardon Township Road Department maintains all township roads except those designated as state, county, or private roads.
The township currently maintains 33.49 miles of road. Services include snow plowing, ditch maintenance, culvert replacement, berming, patching roads,
roadside mowing and trimming, and removal of trees in the right-of-way.


Fill Dirt to Township Residents

Fill dirt from the township ditching projects can be delivered to residents when a ditching project is in progress.
Fill dirt from township ditches may also be obtained from the township road yard.
The resident must load and haul the dirt away. Call to make arrangements.


maintenance buildingRoad Maintenance Guidelines

The Chardon Township Road Department asks that you follow these guidelines to make their job more efficient:
When your drive is plowed, do not push the snow into the street.

Additional Information about Chardon Township's Roads:

Chardon Township Road List

Residents who live on township roads may fill in their ditch if they follow the specifications outlined by the Chardon Township Board of Trustees.
This document is available by clicking on the link below.

Chardon Township Yard Pipe Instructions