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Mailbox Policy

OPERATIONS: SNOW PLOWING                                                                       SECTION 12.7
MAILBOXES                                                                                                         PAGE 7 OF 12


Mailboxes should be kept in good condition in order to withstand being hit by high force snow thrown off of the Township snowplows.  If a mailbox has been knocked off or post broken due to snow, the Township will not repair or replace it.  If the mailbox or its post has been hit directly by the Township snow removal equipment, causing damage, the Township will pay the resident $40.00 after confirmation of the damage being the result of being struck by Township snow removal equipment.


The determination of whether or not a resident’s mailbox has been hit by Township snow plow equipment will be made by the Chardon Township Road Superintendent.  If Township residents disagree with the determination made by the Road Superintendent, they have the option of having the Director of Public Service check the damage and make a final determination.  The Township is not responsible for the removal of snow in front of residents’ mailboxes.

Snow Plowing Information

The Chardon Township Road Department asks that you follow these guidelines to make their job more efficient:

When your drive is plowed, do not push the snow into the street

Please keep your garbage cans behind your mailbox to avoid the snowplows

Do not leave cars parked in the street or in the road right of way when it is snowing